Government’s Role in K-12 Education Academic Essay

1. Evaluate the appropriate government role in K-12 education using the test of market failure. Specifically, determine whether private markets could work within a K-12 context, or if government is support necessary. Conclude whether or not the private sector can provide education as well as the public sector. Note: Since market failure may differ depending on the educational level, ensure to distinguish between primary and secondary education.
2. Examine the wealth re-distribution that now occurs under public K-12 education. Determine whether or not such redistribution should be expanded. If you recommend redistribution expansion, suggest the most appropriate funding method. If you do not recommend such expansion, provide a rationale for your response.
3. If voters and politicians decide to improve education overall, examine the fundamental manner in which such improvements could impinge upon state and local budgets. Suggest the manner in which the government could expand the tax base in order to service the burden of improving education. Provide a rationale for your response.
4. Recommend two (2) strategies that either state or federal government may use in order to address declining educational quality overall. Determine the most appropriate funding method for each recommended strategies. Provide two (2) examples of the successful use of the recommended strategies to support your response.




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