Government And Politics Of The Middle East Academic Essay


The answers, therefore, must be typed and doubled spaced. Please provide comprehensive, logical, and coherent answers. State the premise of your arguments clearly and provide the supporting evidence to your analysis from the textbook, outside sources, as well as the lectures. Make sure that you indicate the distinction between the authors’ arguments and your and that you provide accurate citations of all quoted materia


1. Your professor have provided you the following three articles: “Can the War on Terror Be Won?”; “Can Democracy Stop Terrorism?”; and “Identity, Immigration, & Democracy

List the fundamental theses and outline the proposed solutions of the three articles

What is the underlying common thread between them?

Explain the extent to which these premises are compatible or incompatible, by analyzing the weaknesses and strengths (assessing the logic, coherence, and the presence/absence of supporting empirical evidence) of the authors’ arguments 

2. List, explain, and analyze the underlying, intermediate, and immediate causes of the “Arab-Israeli” conflict. Explain the distinction between the “Arab-Israeli” and “Palestinian-Israeli” conflicts and examine the ramifications of such distinction on the nature, scope, and outcome of international relations of the Middle East.

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