Global climate model custom essay.


In this essay assignment, you will research a GCM. Write an essay that answers the following prompts:
Describe is the history of the model. This may include what group created the model, what year it was created, and what previous
models it builds upon or draws from.
Describe the model. You should answer the following questions:
Which submodels are coupled to simulate global climate? (submodels include atmosphere, ocean, sea ice, and land surface).
What parameters are required as input? (examples of input include land or ocean temperature, humidity, wind, and salinity).
How is the model being used? For example, is it being used to make climate forecasts? Is the model specific to a certain area or
Discuss in brief and general terms, why is the model unique? Why is this model needed? Your model may make predictions for
GHG concentrations, temperature, sea ice and sea level, and/or ocean pH. The text book has figures (4.14 – 4.39) with predictions
for these factors under different emission scenarios (for example, figure 4.18. shows CO2 concentrations under different emission
scenarios). Which textbook figure predicts the same factor as your model? How do the predictions made by your model compare
to the predictions made in that figure?
Compare your GCM with another student’s GCM using Piazza (any GCM other than your own). Discuss similarities and/or
differences between what your models do and how they are being used.
Conclude with a critique of your GCM. This may include, but does not need to include all of the following:
A discussion of whether you think the model will add important information to the GCMs already in use.
An analysis of any weaknesses in the model.
A discussion of how the model will be used, improved, or modified in the future

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