Genetics and Inheritance: Academic Essay



Review information on genetic disorders on the National Human Genome Research Institute Site:


Choose a genetic disorder that can be inherited from a parent. Write an at least 525-word paper on the genetic disorder.


Include the following in your paper:


Summarize the Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance and how chromosomal abnormalities can lead to genetic disorders.

  • Describe the relationship between chromosomes and DNA. (1 pts)
  • Identify an example of a genetic disorder (1 pts) and describe the genetic disorder including symptoms (1 pts), impact on quality of life (1 pts), and life expectancy (1 pts). How common is this disorder? (1 pt) Does it run in specific ethnic bloodlines? (1 pts)

Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Review the Academic Writing Guidelines video and the Center for Writing Excellence for additional guidance on academic writing and APA style. (1 pts for References and 1 pt for Format). As this is a paper, remember to avoid first person point of view.


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