Gender custom essay.


There is a growing body of research indicating that gender plays an important role in the effectiveness of the juvenile justice system treatment and that girls’ needs are not adequately addressed. This module’s assignment has four parts.

1) Explain in detail and with authoritative sources what role gender plays at one specific point (you choose and identify the point) of the juvenile justice system.

2) What does recent (post-2000) research say is an effective prevention and intervention programming specific to girls and why?

3) Thoroughly explain which of the theories examined in Modules 2 and 3 best explains the trajectory of girls from the juvenile justice system into the adult criminal justice system.

4) Specifically explain in one paragraph how our university’s core value of RESPECT applies to specific contents of the textbook readings for this module and include a citation and page number.

Your response should go beyond the obvious and be written at a graduate level. Your answer must be no less than 1200 words and you must use at least three authoritative sources to support your position. All sources must be properly cited using the APA style

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