Gender and women’s bodies; female beauty and becoming a woman in our society – dominant ideas about women, learning sexism custom essay.

Women: Images and Realities: A Multicultural Anthology. 5th Edition. (book )

The interview is for my stepmother GUADALUPE MARIMON
For this first essay, you need to conduct an interview of a woman you know who is at least ten years older than you are;
preferably a parent, step parent, grandparent, or aunt. You may interview a different family member or a friend, but it should be
a woman who is at least ten years older than you are. The purpose of this essay assignment is for you to get a real world look at
the impact of the changing roles for women on people’s lives, by having you discuss them with someone you know personally.
Use the assigned readings from the text (pages 1164)
for background and context, and conduct the interview using the
following questions:
1. What is your definition of a “feminine” woman in American society? Should women try to be feminine? Why or why not?
2. What kinds of careers, or lifestyle choices contribute to what makes a woman feminine? Does a woman’s sexual orientation
make her feminine or unfeminine? Why?
3. Did you have to learn how to be feminine or girly? Who taught you? How did you learn?
4. Have your ideas about femininity changed at all from when you were younger? How?
5. Were these ideas different for your parents or any older people you know? What career or life expectations did they have for
women and girls?
Conclude your essay with a brief discussion of your reaction to the answers you got. What is your own opinion of your
interviewee’s ideas? Do you agree or disagree, and why?
Important Instructions:
Include a brief description of who the person is in the introduction of your interview. You should create the essay out of the
person’s answers do
not simply record the interview in a Question and Answer style.
You must be careful to PROOFREAD as well as spell check. Spell check will not pick up the difference between words like
*woman* and *women*, or *lose* and *loose*. The typo mistakes confusing “women” for “woman” and vice versa are the worst

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