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Food menu engineering
In this unit you will continue to work on Part 2 of your course project in which you will develop and submit the layout of the full
menu using the principles of content, description, and design you learned in class.
Please refer to the main Course Project page located in the Course Materials and Resources section for complete
requirements and grading criteria.
The menu MUST contain at least 7 of the following 13 categories/sections:
•Entrees (hot and/or cold)
Appetizers, entrees (hot and/or cold), sides, beverages, and desserts must be part of each menu type chosen. The other two (or
more) are up to you: Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Starches, Cheeses, and Fruits. All items must be
menu items.
You must have a minimum of three items in each category that are fully developed; in other words, written, priced,
merchandised, and part of a complete menu that you present as to a guest. Neatness, presentation, professionalism, and
creativity are a must and de

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