Food Log Assignment Academic Essay

  1. Compare your average caloric intake with the recommended amount. If the actual amount is more than 200 calories different than the recommended amount, explain it. If your actual amount is within 200 calories, explain that too (just lucky or do you make an effort to calculate your calories?
  1. Did you meet the recommendations suggested by the food tracking site? Note areas of strengths and areas of weakness as determined by these guidelines.


  1. Identify the two main strengths of your nutrient intake based the analysis of both days. Why are these strengths for you
  1. Identify the main weaknesses of your nutrient intake based on the analysis of both days. Are there any long-term implications?
  1. Compare the two days. Discuss why there are differences or similarities. Describe how your daily routine impacts your eating habits.




  1. Realistically, what changes, if any, will you consider adopting based on information you gained from this project or from class discussions?

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