Financial institutions Academic Essay

What is needed :

1- Discussing the most important types of financial institutions operating in Qatar, the major services provided by these institutions and the role of these institutions in economic development.

2- to shed the light on the important financial securities issued by Qatari corporation, those listed in organized stock exchange, and how these corporations access the money and the capital markets. It is also to discuss how the securities are listed in the primary market (initial public offerings) and then how the securities are moved to the secondary market at the end of underwriting process. You may discuss the various types of secondary markets in Qatar (including the Organized Stock Exchange, the third market, the fourth market if they exist, the electronic communication (crossing networks) and other forms of parallel markets).

3- Are there any securities dealers (market makers or specialists) who stand ready to buy and sell from their inventories or simply there is a forum for buying and selling based on the demand and supply force

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