Financial and Risk Management Academic Essay

Your task is to develop a strategic response to this scenario. This should be presented as a report for the head of the GMSA. You are required to produce a report that satisfies the following requirements:

(i) Critically evaluate, using appropriate theories and literature, the importance of risk management to the clients project. Your discussion should make reference to:
o Risk breakdown structures and risk categories;
o Risk identification techniques;
o Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis tools;
o The robustness of risk management strategies to the occurrence of Black Swan risk events.

(ii) Develop a draft risk management strategy (part of the overall risk execution plan) for the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and University College.

(iii) Critically appraise the role of the risk register as a primary risk management tool, explaining how this can be embodied into both the procurement and contract strategy for this project.

(iv) Produce a detailed risk assessment and risk register for ten primary risks, identifying the financial and other impacts of these events and a potential risk mitigation strategy.

(v) Explain the principles of value management, emphasising how adopting ‘value management’ techniques would enhance both the quality and user experience/satisfaction in relation to the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and University College.

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