Financial analysis of quarters and competitors custom essay.

Financial analysis for ABC Q1 vs. Q2 {2016} AND for ABC competitors i.e. RTD & MEA

Presentation format – A 3 paged write up based on the business analysis of
Question 1 {1.5 pages} :

Give interpretation by COMPARISON of Spreadsheet data of Quarter 1, 2016 compared Quarter 2, 2016

NOTE: Use and SHOW financial ratios formulas below to arrive at answers
ALSO write out the lines numbers on spread sheets where the numbers came from

What is needed are financial analysis using 4 main financial equations

a. % change in volume = – % changes in price/ {CM% + % in price} for.. .
{1} Real McCoy AND {2} McCoy Lite

b. Variance = OMi – OMj {use this to explain sales, operating margin, value gap, net income, asset, equity

c. Dupoint model

Net income/sales x sales/assets = Net income/assets x asset/ equity = Net income/equity

d. Cash flow = Change in cash = Operating CF + Investing CF + Financing CF

e. Other Analysis/ratios/ metric — > Contribution Margin, Markup, revenue, Value gap operating profit, net income, fixed production cost, gross profit margin, average variable cost, average fixed cost, average total cost, contribution margin per unit & returns on sale.

Question 2 {1.5 pages} :
Using the attached document
1} Compare ABC business operation with competitors i.e. MEA and RTD
2} Compare ABC overall results back by numbers compared to MEA and RTD
Some parameters to look for: a} Market share comparison, b} market % of sale,
c} balance sheet { Asset = Liability + Equity}, d} Operating margins, f} Variable cot comparisons
h} Cash flow comparison, i} Research and development etc etc etc.
NOTE : Show your calculations that result in your explanatory answers.’\ no long essays

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