Fashion report “ pitch” custom essay.


In preparation for the fashion report, write an introduction and bibliography on a dimension of fashion marketing that may be of interest to industry stakeholders.
1. Conduct secondary research and brainstorm about one dimension of fashion marketing (e.g., technology, creative direction, globalization, sustainability, celebrity endorsement, branding, logos, consumer behavior or culture, just to name a few).
a. Keep in mind that brainstorming is tedious and requires browsing the Internet, library databases, and fashion magazines or blogs.
b. It will take some time, dedication and exploration to find a topic!
2. Compose a 250 word introduction to the topic, while succinctly addressing the following:
a. What will be the topic of your fashion report?
b. Why is your topic of interest to the fashion industry?
c. What can fashion brand managers or chief marketing officers learn or gain from reading your proposed fashion report?
3. Attach a properly formatted list of five academic and business sources that you will consult for your fashion report using the APA, MLA, or Chicago Manual Style.
a. Academic and business sources include books and digital or print articles from peer reviewed, academic journals and business publications (i.e. Business of Fashion, Harvard Business Review, Luxury Daily, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily,
New York Times, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, Fashion Theory, Advertising & Society Review, etc…)
b. Informational websites, blogs, encyclopedias, brand websites, and white papers from brands and corporations will not count.
c. The reference list does not contribute to the 250 word requirement.

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