Facility Plan & Layout Academic Essay



Propose a Mathematical Formulation for the above 2 partial coverage problems, and solve the numerical instance using a commercial optimization software you are familiar with  (LINGO, LINDO, ETC)

Model1: -maximize the coverage given a specific number of location/ budget

Maximize the number of districts covered (if you want to see it in %, coverage = number covered/ total number of districts)


One of your constraints is that     You cannot open more than a specific number of locations: Number of facility opened LESS THAN given number say FMAX

This constraint is equivalent as to not exceed a given budget.

In the numeric application, choose FMAX as 1 for example or any number you want
Model 2-minimize the number of facilities given a coverage target


Minimize the number of facilities to be opened (equivalent to minimize the total cost)


One of your constraints is that you have to cover at least a target coverage (in % or in terms of number of districts covered)

Number of District covered is more or equal to DMIN

In numeric application, choose DMIN as 7 districts or any number you want


Note: What is important is the mathematical formulation, numerical application shall be done to check  if your formulation works  or not and you can verify that.

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