Expression in architecture custom essay.

For the first paper you are to compose a review of how architecture affects your discipline.
*First, define what it is that you do in your profession.
*Second, describe where you will do what you will do.
*Third, describe the perfect “setting” for what you will do.
*Describe this “setting” using the following design criteria.

Examples of specific user benefit design criteria

Behavioral Facilitation
Functional conformance. Does the environment have the necessary components present to make a particular function possible? (Example: Offices should be set up with the appropriate furniture, lighting, bookshelves, and telephones).
Spatial Conformance. Is there adequate spatial organization to benefit users? (Example: Hallways should be planned wide enough to permit crowd flow, and components of a setting should be placed close enough to minimize unnecessary movement.)

Physiological Maintenance
Climate conformance. Is the climate of a setting adequate (in terms of temperature and humidity) for sustaining biological comfort? (Example: Building ventilation systems should be planned for comfort level and health.)
Hazard regulation. Is the environment free of hazards or threats to user well being? (Example: Electrical hazards such as exposed electrical wiring should be eliminated.)

Perceptual Maintenance
Sensory Initiation. Is the environment designed to accommodate various sensory functions? (Example: Lighting in work area should meet the demands of the kind of visual task required.)
Sensory Conformance. Does the perceptual environment have an optional level of stimulus patterning? (Example: Setting can be designed to increase or decrease the level of perceptual complexity.)

Social Facilitation
Social Initiation. Does the environment provide opportunity for desired level pf social behavior? (Example: Area should be designed that individuals can claim as their own territory.)
Social Isolation. Can one regulate the amount of social isolation so that desired levels privacy can be maintained? (Example: Room barriers or furniture groupings can be used to provide privacy.)

I would like this paper to be written in a simple academic words.
Format APA style, 12 font, 5 pages, double spaced.

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