Experience with autonomy custom essay.

read this paper 2 times.
A) First read the paper straight through without stopping.
What do you remember about the paper? Write it down.
Compare what you remember to the abstract.
This tells us the overall clarity and impact of the paper
Questions to ask when designing / critiquing a research:
What do I want to know? (interest)
Why do I want to know it? (so what/purpose)
What are my assumptions about attempting to know it? (theoretical framework)
How do I want to understand it? (methodology)
What techniques do I want to use (or does the study call for)? (methods)
What did I find? (findings)
What does it mean? (discussion)
Who has benefitted? (implications)
How is this paper important? Theoretically? Practically?
What’s new?
Is the research question(s)/hypothesis explicit and clear?
Are the boundaries of the research questions clearly delineated?
Does the author justify the scope of this study?
What does the study do to answer this question(s)
Introduction should
Start with the main message
Describe the purpose or objective of the study
Explain how the author(s) did the study
Theoretical Framework
Does the article improve the theory in this field?
Does it clarify or resolve the problem?

Is this question part of your assignment?

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