Evaluating evidence for practice custom essay.

Analyzing research is an integral part of transitioning evidence to practice. Clinical practice guidelines are recommendations based on current scientific evidence. They are often used in development of clinical practice policy and procedure. Whether evidence comes from individual studies or from clinical practice guidelines sources need to be appraised carefully to ensure accurate and valid information is incorporated into practice.
For this week’s discussion you are a committee leader charged with conducting a literature review to develop a clinical practice change. Several committee members have brought studies for review. Each member feels the articles they brought are good because they were published in current respected peer reviewed clinical journals or have been retrieved from clinical practice guidelines.
What are some of the criteria, or key elements, that you, as the committee leader should consider when reviewing the submissions for developing clinical practice changes?
What implementation tools may assist you, as the committee leader, in determining if a study, even one with adequate evidence, provides for a practical transition from research to practice?
Describe some common errors, or pitfalls, that must be avoided when transitioning evidence to practice and some reliable methods for avoidance?

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