Ethics memo custom essay.

Here is where we will start with the assignment : Ethics Case.docx You will want to use the standard memo format required by your firm’s writing style guide: CPA IRAC Memorandum template.docx
In case you want to know how Sam and I will grade the paper you write, here is our grading rubric:Grading Rubric for Ethics
In order for you to interpret the grading rubric, you need to be very familiar with the PA Writing Assessment Domain Scoring Guide.
You’ll notice the first four elements of the rubric are keyed to the domains of the Guide: PA Writing Assessment Guide.pdf
You will also want to review the Harvard Legal Bluebook for correct citations in your memo. You can access that reference guide
You can also access it via our libraries link:
Good luck and great writing to you!!!! Please be sure to pay close attention tomorrow when we discuss the ethics constructs in tax
practice! CPA in Tax Ethical Concept Map.docHere’s a first look at today’s discussion. We will focus on two items. The first is a
critical thinking/problem solving process we use in taxation and numerous other areas of business (and life). That process is called
IRAC. No, it’s not the country misspelled. IRAC stands for: Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion. That problem solving process
will see you through pretty much anything that life throws at you by giving you a best practice for figuring things out. More
importantly IRAC is a documentation standard that is intended to meet the requirements of Treasury Regulation 1.66624(
d) to
substantiate substantial authority and ASC 740 to substantiate the more likely than not confidence level of a tax return position.
The second topic we will discuss is tax research to writing. I am pretty excited to be able to teach you one way in which you can
become better writers, and faster writers. Be sure to download the IRAC Memo Template (the required template to use for both
projects) here: CPA IRAC Memorandum template.docx You should also check out the table of authorities template here: CPA
Table of authorities template.docx Don’t forget to have a copy of the Pennsylvania Writing Assessment Domain Scoring Guide at
your hand so you can edit your memoranda to make sure your correspondence is PSU excellent! Here is the scoring guide:PA
Writing Assessment Guide.pdf

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