Energy is the lifeblood of a modern world Academic Essay

Energy is the lifeblood of a modern world. Energy powers our homes, our businesses, and our economy. However, energy is not free or easily acquired in many parts of the world. Most energy sources require extraction, transportation, and refinement before it is usable in our contemporary economies. Fortunately, we have two very important categories of energy, one non-renewable and one renewable. You are probably much more familiar with the non-renewable sources of energy that traditionally include oil, gas, and coal. These sources are very important but they are also problematic from many aspects to include environmental, economic, and health concerns. As a result, energy experts are now focused on new sources of energy from renewable sources that are less problematic, especially from an environmental aspect.

Identify three different renewable energy sources to discuss. First, describe one economic, one political, and one environmental challenge associated with each energy source. Second, compare supply side and demand side issues related to each source. Third, describe one potential future economic, one political, and one environmental challenge for each source. Then, predict what has to happen in order to make renewable energy the major energy source for Americans in the next 50 years

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