Energy, Fracture Appearance, and Lateral Exp Academic Essay

Q  Plot Energy, Fracture Appearance, and Lateral Exp. vs. Temp. (for each material) with measure bars


For each material:                                                                  Material A

Material B

Q  What (value) is the DBTT (at 50% energy difference)?


Q  What is the DBTT (at Eo = 60 joules or 81 ft-lb)?


Q  What is the DBTT (using 50% Fracture Appearance)?


Q  What is the DBTT (using 50% Lateral Expansion)?



Q  What ‘transition temperature’ value do you assign to each material?  Please explain your choice?


Material A:


Material B:


Q What are your two materials?  Mat A:____________            Mat B:___________

Q   How accurate is your DBTT value?  (Compare values with literature via percent error.  Explain.).


Material A:


Material B:

Q  How precise is your DBTT value? (What tolerance do you give it? Explain how you determined it).

Q  Use two examples (using a different issue for each example) to explain how our test procedure deviates from E23 (and could result in errors).

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