Efficiency in relational databases Academic Essay

  • What is the best ways to optimize access speed and to optimize storage efficiency in relational databases?
  • John is a senior project manager. What activities should he be doing in the programming / development phase?
  • When the navigation in user interfaces is designed, what kind of assumptions should be considered about users and what principles should be applied?
  • Describe the difference between a thick and a thin client.
  • Discuss about the black-box testing and the white-box testing.
  • What is a ‘top-down approach’ and why is it important when designing programs?
  • Please identify factors for selecting a acquisition strategy during moving to design and choose and explain one of acquisition strategy against those factors.
  • Please discuss the software development life cycle, including the phases, the major works(procedures during each phase), and concerns.
  • There are three types of conversion strategy based on locations – what are they and give some advantages of each.
  • Discuss about the architecture design including its objective, key factors, and key outputs(deliverables).
  • There are two basic structures for combining  modules:  transaction structure and transform structure.
    Please select one structure from them and explain about it in detail with a real-world system (i.e. application, program, etc.) example of that structure.
  • What are the typical five sources of change requests? (brief explanation)

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