Effect of simple intervention in reducing hypnotic prescribing custom essay.

Please read my systematic review carefully which is a part of my report. Then have a look to my friends’ report to see how he started the systematic or literature then he give the justification or rational for his research. What I want you to do is that: after reading my systematic try to give justification and rational or the gap for my project. I will give you a general idea of my project. (the general idea of my project is to reduce hypnotic prescriptions because according to the evidences and guidelines they should be prescribed for short term only but in the practice general practitioners prescribing them for long term condition which is contradict the guidelines. in the systematic review I tried to see why general practitioners (GPs) don’t follow the guidelines, what are barriers for implementations guidelines. I tried to find studies which contain general practitioners expressions about these barriers then I tried to fit these barriers into COM-B models (capability opportunity motivation) model. These model can play a good role in changing general practitioners behaviours. From gaining GPs expressions of the barriers according to COM-B model I will try to make a framework (intervention) to change GPs behaviours and help them to follow guidelines. So, you need to write justification then the aim of my research, objectives and research questions (see my friends’ draft). After that you will start the methodology and methods. After constructing a suitable framework (intervention) I will start the research by auditing 2 practices (there are 2 lead pharmacists from CCG GROUPS CLINICAL COMMISSION GROUP) who are going to help me to collect all information I need. I will do retrospective study for previous 3 months for example to measure the prescribing rate, type of hypnotic medications prescribed, gender and so on (you can find similar paper about benzodiazepine discontinuation) please read them to get the idea. Then I will go with those pharmacist to GPs of those 2 practices to convince them about the intervention they will give to their patients. After giving the intervention we will se after 3 months how the prescribing rate goes (decreased or not). This will be the first phase of my research. The second phase will be a qualitative method with interviewing GPs to ask them about this intervention, what they think is diferent from the previous intervention? And soo on ( you need to think about some questions). After that you need to write the rest of the protocol part (setting, sampling, data collection, reliability, validity and so on, please see my friends’ work) but please try not to write a lot of theoretical things as he has done. Just write about what I am going to do. I mean for example, explain what qualitative and quantitative because I am using. Don’t give a lot of definition like him. At the end please have a look to his appendices and do for me what is important. I mean the consent form, interview form and so on

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