Economic Development of Germany and Italy 5 years before world war 2, during WW2 and 5 years after ww2(1935-1950) Academic Essay

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1) The World Economy:
Utilizing Maddison’s Data
What are we looking for?
“The government are very keen on amassing statistic
s – they collect
them, add them, raise them to the nth power, take t
he cube root and
prepare wonderful diagrams. But what you must never
forget is that
everyone of those figures comes in the first instan
ce from the village
watchman, who just puts down what he damn pleases

(Stamp 1929)
Recap: What is the assignment?

Your task is to utilize the data set to discuss iss
ues of comparative economic
development in the period 1800 to
. You may choose any group of countries
to investigate and any sub time period (e.g. 1820-1
870, 1870-1914, 1919-1938,
1945-2010). There is no set question, and you need
to define your own theme.

Write a report of not more than
3000 words
, but graphical and tabular material
may be appended. Maddison’s data set is an Excel sp
read sheet which allows
Figures to be readily constructed.

It is likely that you will need to consider at leas
t 3 countries if you take a
comparative growth approach, and more if you invest
igate convergence.

Since our major challenge is to consider how and wh
y economic growth
experience differs, the countries you choose should
illuminate an aspect of
comparative economic development.

Why this form of assignment?

Marton & Säljö (1976)’s Surface/Deep Learning dichotom
People who need additional assistance

Mixed background of people taking
this module

If you have never used excel before

Online resources available




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What the assignment must have

Your report should have a title of your choosing

Something that reflects your question and the conte
nt of the assignment

You should show the motivation for your theme and c
hoice of

Why are these countries informative for a comparati
ve study?

Explain motivation for this case study

Then engage with the data set and show how the GDP
per capita
estimates are used to explore your issues.

Most basic give some outline of the development pat
h using GDP per capita

Can you explain heterogeneous (i.e. diverse) growth

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