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Based on your assigned readings and professional literature search, complete the following discussion assignment and post/reply directly to this discussion section
1.Formulate a clinical question in PICO format. (References: Asking the Clinical Question: A Key Step in Evidence Based Practice and Cochrane Tutorial )
2.Search and assess a website that relates to the question.
3.Complete attached Website Assessment and post to the discussion Forum
Nelson, R. & Staggers, N. (2013). Health Informatics: An Interprofessional Approach (1st ed), Elsevier.
•Chapter 3, “Evidence Based Practice and Informatics”
•Chapter 4: “Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining and Practice Based Evidence
•Chapter 5: “Professional Use of Electronic Resources
•Chapter 27, “Program Evaluation and Research Techniques”
Articles: •Barnsteiner et al (2010). Promoting EvidenceBased
Practice and Translational Research . Nursing Administration
Quarterly, 34(3), 217–225
•Cullen, L. & Adams, S. (2012). Planning for Implementation of EvidenceBased
Practice, The Journal of Nursing Administration
•Doran et al (2010). Supporting EvidenceBased
Practice for Nurses through Information Technologies . Worldviews on EvidenceBased
Nursing, 7(1):4–15
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Nursing Practice . Nursing
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•Yale Library and Information Resources on Evidence Based Practice: retrieved on 4/15/15 from
•Hynes, D. M., Weddle, T., Smith, N., Whittier, E., Atkins, D., & Francis, J. (2010). Use of health information technology to advance
care: Lessons from the VA QUERI program . Journal of General Internal Medicine, 25(Suppl 1), S44–S49.

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