Eating disorder custom essay.

BOOK is DiNitto, D and McNeece, C. (2012). Chemical Dependency: A Systems Approach (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ:
Pearson Education.
Read text chapters 58,
(pages 85199),
and be prepared to discuss the material in class.
Imagine that you are in a twelve step program you are to write a 3 page report on your experiences. Instead of alcohol and/or
other drugs, you may choose a bad habit that has bothered you or caused some irritation or problem in your life. Please use
The Big Book for Alcoholics Anonymous, Chapter 5: How it Works. Available by visiting: www.alcoholicsanonymous.
org I
was over weight due to so much food. It cause so much problem in my marriage. Not attractive. low selfesteem, and many

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