Importance of Downward Arrow Technique In Counseling

Why do you believe the “downward arrow” technique is an important part of counseling?

200 words 2 references

Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.
The combined length of all portions will be 2000-2250 words.

• Conduct an interview with a friend or family member in which he or she acts as a client. Identify the types of responses you used, how often you used them, and their effects on the interviewee.
• Client interview with a family member or friend as the interviewee. Note the number of times you used open-ended responses and closed-ended responses.
• Describe the need for counselors to set limits and boundaries. Give examples of when boundaries are crossed and how counselors can best set boundaries.
• Write at least one paraphrase, one reflection of feeling, one open-ended question, and one reframe for the following statement: “I guess I should be happy my husband is recovering, but it is almost worse now. He is always at those damn meetings, and I rarely see him.”

downward arrow
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