Part 1

Juan, Mrs. Cane’s 11 year old grandson, has just recently been diagnosed with leukemia. Based on the type of leukemia, his doctor suggested that a bone marrow transplant might be his best treatment option.

1) Based on you knowledge of blood physiology (specifically, blood cell count, blood cell functions, blood cell disorders, the role of blood cells in maintain homeostasis), explain clearly whether or not it would it be important to closely monitor Juan’s blood cell count for each of the following, especially since Juan is not getting chemotherapy (at least not yet):
(i) RBC
(ii) WBC
(iii) Platelets

Part 2
Last spring, Manuel was diagnosed with late stage kidney disease. His doctor said it is most likely a result of constant vibrations form the heavy machinery he worked with for over 20 years.

Because of Manuel’s symptoms, he is constantly short of breath with the slightest physical exertion, and is now unable to work. Manuel’s feet are constantly swollen, he is unable to move about and he is very depress.

2) Based on your knowledge of blood in general, and blood cell anatomy and physiology in particular, would Manuel’s blood test reveal that he has polycythemia or anemia? Give a clear explanation for your choice of disorder.

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