Digital marketing custom essay.

Based on your academic research (i.e. journal articles), select a recent campaign from a non profit organization of your choice
and with reference to their website campaign pages, identify how they should set their campaign goals and review effectiveness
of their digital marketing strategies.
Academic databases: Business Source Complete, Sage, Emerald and Science Direct
Practitioner databases: Marketing Week, Brand republic, TED, Economist, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Financial Times
1. An Executive Summary of no more than a page of A4 size paper summarizing the background information for the nonprofit
organization, marketing objectives, statement of purpose for the campaign and aims. The executive summary should contain
important and critical information regarding the project. This section will not be included in the word count.
2. The main report should be about 3000 words with a tolerance of plus/minus 10 percent of the word count. The main report
should cover the following contents but not limited to:
• A brief introduction of the chosen nonprofit
organization and explain how its vision and mission statement has influenced its
digital marketing strategy and decisionmaking.
• Main Body – Explain with proper theoretical marketing concepts and framework the digital marketing strategies deployed by
the organization. This must be supported with proper evidence and research.
• Main Body – Critically evaluate both the macro and microenvironment
the organization is operating in.
• A critical and evaluative review of the digital marketing campaign’s performance. The critical review can also draw
upon other marketing specializations to make recommendations for marketing planning and strategy for the future.
• Conclusion
• List of References (minimum of 15 articles including
academic journals and articles, magazines and textbooks)
• Appendices
Content of the report:
Situation Analysis which may include:
Market trends and insights,
and Company analysis
Marketing strategies to include any of the following though not limited to:
Proposition map
and Defensive strategies
and Positioning map
of the marketing mix – implementation, control and management.

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