Diagnostic or Writing Sample Academic Essay

Directions: Please spend about one hour to one and one half hours completing the following essay. This is not an assignment that will be graded on a letter scale; this is an assignment that will be graded on timely completion only. Please do your best to pre-write and edit your essay. You are aiming at a five paragraph essay with each paragraph consisting of 5-7 sentences.

Choose one topic:

1. Discuss your favorite work of art (i.e., film, book, story, television show, etc.). Create an essay which describes your favorite work and promotes your definition of quality art. Use your support paragraphs to explain at least three reasons you chose this work.


2. Discuss your life as a movie. You can exaggerate “scenes” and “make up” the ending. Attempt to add details concerning the backdrop(s), how this would be filmed, who might star in it, etc.


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