Developing a Needs Assessment Strategy

Developing a Needs Assessment Strategy for Substance Abuse Prevention: Applying the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) Mode


Application Analysis: Assess Needs

Throughout this course, you will utilize the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model to develop a program addressing some aspect of substance abuse prevention.

Project TimelineFocusAssignment
Week 2Assess NeedsCreate needs assessment strategy
Week 3Build CapacityIdentify relevant resources and support
Week 4Plan: Review Similar StrategiesHighlight relevance of similar prevention programming
Week 5Plan: Examine LiteratureDevelop annotated bibliography
Week 6Plan: Create PlanCreate program overview
Week 7Implement & EvaluateCreate action plan and evaluation strategy
Week 8Prevention Program ProposalComprehensive proposal

This week, you task is to create a needs assessment strategy to identify the problem level, challenges and concerns about your target prevention focus in your community.

  • Review The Strategic Prevention Framework
  • The purpose of the needs assessment is “to collect additional data… to understand the nature, extent, and impact of identified problems at the local level, to uncover the factors that drive them, and to identify appropriate solutions.”
  • Create a strategy for gathering the necessary data for completing your needs assessment. Issues you may want to consider include:
    • What consequences and consumption data exists? How will you access this data?
    • Who needs the greatest focus? Where is the greatest need? How will you determine this information?
    • What kind of data will inform your decision-making? How will you gather this data?
    • What are the prevention priorities? Who will make decisions about priorities?
    • What are the risk and protective factors? How will they impact your prevention program?
    • What community resources are available?

At this stage, you do NOT need to actually collect the needs assessment information, rather you are creating a strategy by which you can gain the information necessary to effectively determining the needs in your community.

Assignment Expectations:

  • Length: 1500 words (not including title or reference page)
  • References: Provide APA style references for any resources utilized to create your needs assessment strategy

Needs Assessment
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