Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence custom essay.

The data is in this link
Analyse the Statlog (German Credit Data) data set (available from the UCI Machine Learning Repository – to explore the different factors that affect the credit rating of a person. Your aim is to identify which attribute or combination of attributes and which algorithm has the highest accuracy in identifying adults who would be given a ‘good’ credit rating. Once you have completed this, write a report to describe in detail the analyses you have performed.

Your report should include:
• A data set description in terms of the attributes present in the data, the number of instances, missing values, and other relevant characteristics.
• A detailed description of the pre-processing of the data.
• Evidence that you have investigated the data using multiple analysis methods.
• An explanation of the selected algorithm.
• A discussion of any pre or post processing done to improve the accuracy of your analysis.
• A business recommendation based upon your analysis.
The report should be no more than 2500 words long and should include such graphics as are appropriate to illustrate your answers.

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