Cyber crimes Academic Essay

• A description/definition of the problem – explain what is meant by cybercrime
• How much the trade is worth – include some statistics to show the value of the trade
• How many people are directly affected by the trade – include statistics to show how many people are affected by the trade
• What the negative effects of the trade are – you will need evidence of how people are affected; this could be consequences to peoples’ health, changes in social behaviour, or the use of profits to fund other crime
• What attempts have been made to control the trade – explain who is involved in trying to tackle the crime and what they have done to try to control it
• How effective these attempts to control the trade have been – what has worked/not worked? Why have there been successes/failures?
• Conclusion – a summary of the main points of your research.
• A reference list – in alphabetical order following the Harvard System including all the sources of information that you have included in your essay which must be submitted as part of your Study Skills Assessment.

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