Cross-functional intergration – data and methods custom essay.

Please find below the remaining tasks in my dissertation and I want to start action plan with you as my deadline to submit the full dissertation will be 10 or 15 Feb. 2016.

Introduction 10 % (1500 Words)
Data and Methods 10 % (1500 Words)
Analysis and Results 30 % (4500 Words)
Discussion and Conclusions 20 % (3000 Words

Now I have started the survey from 13 Jan and will be close by 31 Jan. but I need your support to be ready once I close the survey. Now I prepared draft of Data and Methods chapter but need your improvement action as draft version but final can be by 1 Feb. once we get details of final sample and respond rate.
Kindly I need you to keep the below feedback from the tutor applied whenever it required also I will upload the approved proposal including the tutor feedback for your reference. Also I will upload the survey questions for your preparation.
I need to get your guidance on how I can do the analyses using SPSS 22 just to prepare the draft once survey report is ready, then I will send to you to improve it. I have used qualtrics for the survey and they have option to download the report file in excel format or SPSS but I do not know what steps I have to follow to do SPSS analyses, I tried to understand via YouTube but I did not succeed, I hope to get your help.
Please can I get your feedback on my request above and if my requirement with the deadline is clear or you need more clarification.

Tutor guidance on the approved proposal.
You have to discuss the access issues. Do you have access to these organisations? What you expect the response rate to be? What about if you are not given access to some organisations?
In addition, you have to provide further details of the multiple regression models and list the hypotheses to be tested. Have these regression models used by peer reviewed scholarly publications? Do you adjust them or you replicate them in the context of your research?
The two multiple regression models should be presented, inducing all the independent variables you intend to analyse
In the context of multiple regression analysis, the correlation analysis is conducted between the independent variables in order to identify possible issues of multicollinearity. The impact of the independent variables on the dependent variable will be examined using the multiple regression analysis.
Overall, in your Data and Methods chapter you should aim for “‘the three C’s’: completeness, clarity, and credibility” (Zhang and Shaw, 2012: 8). Zhang and Shaw (2012) provide good advice on presenting the data and methods, and it is recommended that you read their article.
Zhang, Y., Shaw, J.D. 2012. Publishing in AMJ—part 5: Crafting the methods and results. Academy of Management Journal,
55 (1): 8-‐12.

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