Criminology Academic Essay

1. Using the Judicial Commission of New South Wales Website,(will be provided in the Learning Guide Page 13) identify the proofs of Larceny (Theft). NSW Crimes Act 40/1900 117 (Case Study on Larceny to be provided on vUWS).
Are these proofs able to be satisfied in the issues that arise in the case study.

2. Using the Case Study “Its not yours until you pay”, explain how police must apply LEPRA if they intend to question, search, arrest or caution a suspect.

3. Identify the alternatives that are available to police when dealing with the issues in this Case Study. Arrest or Caution or Summons or Court Attendence Notice or Unofficial Caution.
Remember this assessment is not an integrity test its about the most appropriate way to deal with the issues of alleged theft that arise in the Case Study. You choose how you want to deal with the
matter and use the appropriate LEPRA and Rule of Law criteria.

4. Reflect on the police action and present any alternatives to arresting and charging.




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