crime scene investigation report custom essay.

Using the scenario below, write a Crime Scene Investigation report discussing how you, as the digital forensic examiner, handled the digital crime scene. If details regarding the evidence, crime scene, etc. are required, but not provided, create them. For example, you could describe the manufacturer and model of the cell phone to be an Apple iPhone 4S.
Police respond to a call, at 7521 River Parkway, in which Arnold Harding has been discovered, deceased from a gunshot wound, at his place of business, Harding Enterprises. The business was owned by the decedent and his wife, Lillian Harding. They have two computers at the location, one which is a Windows desktop machine that is powered on. The other system is powered off at the scene. The two systems are connected by a small network in the office. There is a cell phone that was found near the body of the decedent.
Write the report from the first person (“I”) point of view, describing what you did in the past tense. Use the following outline to write your report:
1. Introduction including
case background, legal authority to search, date, location, persons present, etc.
2. Observations of scene
3. Actions taken at scene including
identification, preservation, and collection of each item of evidence. Since one
computer was on, describe how you obtained its volatile memory, if possible, and safely shutting down, preserving, and seizing the digital evidence at the scene.
4. Recommendations for next steps
5. Appendices and supporting documentation including any logs, forms, glossary, prior documentation, etc.

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