Contract Law Academic Essay

Reading material:

Bevans, N. (2006). Business law: A hands-on approach. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning.

Please read the following chapters in your Business Law text.

Chapter 1: “Introduction to Contracts,” pages 1–20
Chapter 2: “Offers,” pages 21–46

Your essay answer must be 2 pages. This does not include a title page or the reference page. Essay answers are expected to be logical, based in legal terms, and use concepts found in the Unit 1 readings, with appropriate in-text and reference page APA citation format.

Locate an advertisement for the sale of a product. Provide a link to the advertisement or attach a PDF copy of it. Ensure to answer all of the following questions in essay format using paragraph form with a clear introduction, body content, and conclusion.

Essay Question

Is this advertisement an offer? Why or why not?
Who is the offeree and who is the offeror?
Finally, apply the Basic Elements of a Contract to following fact pattern (ensure to identify each element and when it is met):
Fact Pattern

Billy sees an advertisement for a sale at a local grocery store. He goes to the store to locate products, from the advertisement, that he wants to purchase. He places the items in a grocery cart and goes to the check-out. The cashier totals the cost of the items and tells Billy the total due. Billy pays the cashier to complete the transaction and leaves the store with his purchased items.

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