Contents of accumulator Academic Essay

1. Write the instruction or instruction sequence to perform the following tasks [10 Points]
a. Copy contents of accumulator A into B and contents of accumulator B into A
b. Copy contents of memory location $2000 into memory location $3000
c. Copy the contents of memory location $1500 and $1501 into index register X
d. Copy contents of accumulator A into B
e. Multiply the two 16-bit unsigned values at $1000~$1001 and $1005~$1006
2. Write an instruction sequence to store the value of $20 in three memory locations starting
from $1000 and then add the three values and store the result at $1500. [10 Points]
3. Write an instruction sequence in HCS12 assembly to subtract the number stored at $1110
from the difference of the numbers stored at $1000 and $1005. Store the result at $1010. [10
4. Write an instruction sequence to add two 24-bit numbers stored at $1010~$1012 and
$1013~$1015 and save the sum at $1100~$1102. [10 points]
5. Write a program to add a 4 byte number located at $1004~$1007 to the product of two 16-bit
numbers that are stored at $1000~$1001 and $1002~$1003 and save the result at
$1100~$1103. [10 points]



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