Contemporary urban planning custom essay.

coherent, logically structured 2 –3 page narrative paper with a writing style and formatting that is APA compliant;
a paper title, content outline, and brief opening statement that reflects what the reader is to learn from this discussion paper;
briefly describe the key concepts and principles from the correlating week’s instructional material;
Week Three: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 – Planning as theory and process
Read Chapter 19, pp423 – 442 (Levy, J.); Contemporary Urban Planning
Identify one example for each of the four process approaches to planning, found on page 425 in the Levy text. Each example must come from within the Chicago metropolitan area (the city of Chicago and Cook County Illinois)
Discussion Paper II: write and discuss your four examples from week three, assignment number two by doing the following
Name the process (the rational model; disjointed incrementalism; middlerange
models; collaborative rationality) and State the specific example of that planning process in action within the Chicago metropolitan area. Your example can be historical or current. All examples must be properly referenced.
One example you can use is CAT( Chicago area Transportation).

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