Contemporary Issues in Marketing::: Current Affairs Assignment Social Media and the Fashion Industry custom essay.

This assignment is to be completed individually. Choose a series of articles from marketing oriented periodical’s such as the

Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Journal of Marketing, Financial Times, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Forbes,
Journal of Marketing Research, BC Business and various Twitter and Facebook feeds, that addresses a topic/event/issue of
importance to Contemporary Issues in Marketing.
This topic must be related to Contemporary Issues in Marketing.
The article must have been published in the last TWO (2) Years.
Copies of the sources/ articles chosen must be attached along with this report.
The main components/headings of the Current Affairs Assignment include:
1. Title Page
2. Introduction of the Topic: purpose and background
3. Analysis and Issues: presents your evidence and examples in a logical and orderly fashion. This section develops your
4. Recommendations and Implications to Contemporary Issues in Marketing
5. Footnotes or Endnotes: Be sure to follow the APA format for Footnotes and Endnotes.
6. Bibliography
Some of the suggestion for the “Social Media and the Fashion Industry” paper focus should include the following:
1.How does social media impact and affect the fashion industry (Both positive/ negative) Give examples.
2.How do fashion bloggers impact and affect the fashion industry (Both positive/ negative) Give examples.
3.Which are the most effective social media platforms to use in the fashion industry?
4.What do you think is the future of the relation of social media and the fashion industry?
5.What advice/ recommendation do you have for fashion brands/ designers to become successful in advertising/ promoting
their brands/ products

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