Conflicts in the strength and weaknesses of Obama-care custom essay.


I have a Conflict/Resolution course.   For my topic, I picked Obama-care. The thing to keep in mind about the paper is that even though the conflict over Obama-care will never be resolved i.e. Democrats vs. Republicans and pro-Obama-care citizens vs anti-Obama-care citizens, the end goal is to provide suggestions/strategies on how to get these two parties closer together towards an agreement, solution, or just less fighting amongst each other. Therefore, you need to find some strategies that these parties could implement to help “lessen” the conflict between each other. This should be the last item to cover in the paper. The best books to use for negotiation and resolution strategies are:   “Working Through Conflict,” by Folger, 2013 and “Getting to Say Yes: Negotiating…“ by Fisher.

  1. The “suggested” paper’s intro would be to establish the purpose of the paper first – Obama-care, the conflict with Obama care, who the opposing sides are (i.e. key players/people who are fighting), what the opposing sides are doing wrong to come to an agreement, and the recommended steps/strategies they should use to better work together in a more positive fashion.  You don’t need to provide too much history on Obama care since the paper is more about conflict/resolution, but the paper is for a reader with no Obama-care knowledge. Therefore, you have to make sure the reader gets the “jist” of the topic.
  2. Need to add some type of statistics in the paper since it is a research paper and interpret /explain the findings, i.e. maybe find a nonbiased poll of what the American people think of Obama-care. If another study is appropriate to add that would be fine. However, if a second study does not flow with the paper, don’t add a second study.
  3. If you can incorporate the pros/cons of how Obama-care affected the private care health industry that would be great. Again, it must flow with the paper. If not, don’t add it.
  4. Important thing to remember – make the paper flow and transition in a logical order
  5. Paper needs to be 8 pages long
  6. I need 15 sources, 5 of the 15 being from peer-reviewed scholarly articles from an accredited source
  7. APA format
  8. Needs to be at a Master’s level, so in Flesch Kincaid, the paper should be no less than a 17.5.

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