complete street Academic Essay

complete street
Final Planning Report
Your final consulting report to the city should begin with a brief introduction identifying the study area (with a
map included), while the remainder of the report should clearly address the following questions:
–Why is the selected study area a justifiable candidate for a Complete Streets redesign?
–What features of the study area make it “incomplete” based on observed conditions?
–What design features is your firm proposing to correct each identified deficiency, and how will each
strategy help make the street “complete” for all users?
The objective of this assignment is not only to provide an informative summary of your critical assessment
based on your observations, but most importantly to recommend specific design strategies for improving the
current conditions you observed. The inclusion of photos, maps or diagrams will help better highlight your
findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Your report therefore must include photos taken in the field that
illustrate your observations. (For all images, be sure to include a caption, or refer to the image in the text with
a figure number included, so the reader will understand what you are demonstrating in the photo.) Google
street view images are NOT acceptable. You should, however, utilize satellite images or maps to highlight the
location of the observations you discuss in your report. In addition, your final proposed redesign should
include both an overhead view (illustrating the location of all redesign features) and a cross-sectional view
illustrating the dimensions of the street and its redesigned components.
NOTE: Although there is no set page limit for your written report, make sure that it is kept clear, concise, and
to-the-point. Keep in mind the intended audience (city officials) and produce a document that clearly…and
above all visually…illustrates your findings, with NO proofreading errors.

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