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The appearance of AIDS in the early 1980s challenged the widely held belief that infectious diseases were under control. Familiar bacteria were becoming strongly resistant to antibiotics. That trend has continued and the importance of public health in combating these growing problems has become increasingly apparent.

Use the Internet to research the threat of multi-drug resistant (MDR) tuberculosis in the United States. Write a 3-page report about the disease, using the following questions to guide you. Cite sources of information in the correct APA format.

Describe the signs and symptoms of tuberculosis and explain multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.
Gather data about the incidence and prevalence of tuberculosis in the U.S. Describe the data you gather. Are there any regions with a high incidence? Are there any population groups more susceptible to the disease?
Discuss the tuberculosis epidemic that afflicted a suburban California school in 1993.
Describe epidemiological or preventive public health measures for tuberculosis.
Explain the six major steps involved in infectious disease prevention planning at the community level.
Explain the protocol health workers should follow when an infectious disease is discovered.

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