Community Consultation and Engagement Academic Essay

Topic: Community Consultation and Engagement

Paper details:

For the final assignment in this unit, you are to base your work on a LCC project (check the files that i uploaded). You are to assume the role of a consultant advising LCC’s stakeholder and community engagement team. Write a report in which you recommend an engagement strategy – or combination of strategies – appropriate to this project using the key concepts of information, consultation, and/or participation as presented in this unit. You should also provide a recommendation of three tactics to be used in the engagement for this project. Your recommendations should be supported by references from academia and practitioner sources.

The format for this assignment is that of a formal business report. That means you must have numbered headings and subheadings throughout (check the files that i uploaded).

Executive summary

Table of contents

Situation analysis: what are the antecedents of this engagement project?

With whom should LCC engage in this project? Why?

How should they engage? Which strategy/ies do you recommend? Why?

What three tactics should LCC use? Why?

Outcomes and consequences
What do you anticipate will be the outcomes and consequences of this approach?

Throughout: Where is your proof to support your ideas? What ethical considerations are relevant and how are you addressing them?

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