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Hello there,
this assignment I did it before and it is need to just to editing the citation and ad them to the reference list please. some citation not found in the reference so find them for me please and list the to the reference list. I got feedback from the course coordinator about that you will find it in the assignment by red color and the sentences that want to citation by the light green. do not do change in the assignment just fix the citation if there is need to add more reference .. that’s ok.

here is the feedback from the unite coordinator:

I am writing to ask you to insert more citations (i.e. in-text references) into your Assignment 1 for Foundations of Public Health.
As you are new to studying, you are being given the opportunity to learn how to insert sufficient citations – and resubmit your assignment – without any loss of marks. Do not panic – It is understood that this Level 1 Plagiarism is not deliberate and is only due to your inexperience with the citation techniques required.
Please find attached your assignment. I have carefully highlighted in blue the sentences where the source of the information is not clear. I would like you to add the correct citations for all of this information.
I guess that the citations in the sentences above or below probably also refer to the sentences that I have highlighted, but your reader cannot sure unless a citation is used.
If you feel that you are using an author’s name too many times, use other techniques to make it clear that the information comes from the source cited above. For example, if you were to cite at the beginning of a paragraph, you could use phrases such as the following to make it clear that the sentences following also belong to the same source:
“The researchers also discovered/found/identified that…”
“This study also explored…”
“The authors also concluded…”
“The authors went on to note that…”
“The report also discussed/listed/outlined/summarised…”

Please note that this is not an opportunity for you to make any changes to what you have written. You have already written and submitted this assignment – you just need to add citations so we can proceed with marking it.

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