Cesim global simulation game. This assignment is based on a stimulation game called Cesim and I only need help with the first part which is like a case study. What is required to do is analyzing the Main Challenge Scenario in the simulation game (attached in a file named- Main Challenge Scenario Market Condition). This is part of the game where students are required to play it according to the market condition. I’ve also sent two additional documents, one regarding to the simulation game which explains what it is about, and the simulation business case is described in another document.

Cesim Global Challenge is an online business simulation game that develops participant understanding of the complexity of global business operations in a dynamic competitive environment. It integrates a range of concepts from various management related disciplines, including economical, political, and financial decision making, as well as accounting, procurement, HR, production, corporate social responsibility, logistics, research & innovation, and marketing. The task for the participant teams is to manage a global mobile telecommunications company through technological evolution in a fast paced 21st century operating environment. The participants will develop and execute strategies for their simulated company operating in the USA, Asia, and Europe.

To increase the participants awareness of the complexity of operating an international company from a strategic and general management perspective. To develop capabilities in identifying & analyzing key environmental and organizational variables that may influence an organization’s performance within and across national markets, and how these variables may influence the organization. To enhance fact based analytical decision making and crystallize the financial implications of business decisions by linking the decisions to cash flows and bottom line performance. To give participants practical experiences in teamwork and problem solving and excite competitive spirits in a dynamically evolving marketplace

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