Certificate III in disability services custom essay.

Question 1:


You are working with a client with a disability who is conducting a job search. The client has significant gaps in their employment history and the feedback you have received suggests that potential employers are uncomfortable with these gaps. What techniques might you teach the client to downplay gaps in their employment history when writing resumes?




Question 2

You are working with a client with a disability to help them find work and think that they would benefit from a training program to develop their computer skills. You think this will make it easier to find a job for them but your organization does not provide training programs. What should you do?



Question 3

Provide five examples of when it might be necessary to provide information and/or training re disabilities as necessary, to others in the selected workplace? And what could prompt an employer that such training may be required?





How might employers address health and safety issues to ensure the safety of a client with vision impairment and potential co-workers working in a kitchen environment? what s[ecifically could be done at the workplace to support an individual with vision impairment —- 1 example: use large print on all signs and printed material




Project 1

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Section 1
You work for a specialized disability employment service provider. You and other staff members spend a lot of time explaining what the organization can do to help job seekers with disabilities. Often, job seekers forget what they have been told due to the amount of information that needs to be conveyed.

You have been asked to put together a detailed information brochure outlining what the organization does that staff can give to job seekers who request information about the service. The brochure should also outline the rights of workers/ job seekers with disabilities.

The brochure should outline:

  • how job searches are conducted
  • how the service will ensure a good match between the job and the job seeker’s interests and abilities
  • services that job seekers can be referred to
  • the rights of workers with a disability
  • legislation relating to the employment of people with a disability
  • how jobs can be redesigned and what reasonable adjustments employers might need to make
  • how the service will help to train employers and their employees about disabilities
  • what employers need to do to ensure the health and safety of workers with a disability
  • how the service will negotiate working conditions
  • what the Supported Wage System is and how it works
  • what industrial awards are
  • the industrial parties that might be able to help workers with a disability
  • how the service builds relationships with employers to generate more job opportunities
  • how the service will promote job seekers to employers with relevant job vacancies
  • how the service identifies the industries in which job opportunities exist

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