Probability custom essay.

  Solve the following problems, making sure to include both calculations and brief prose descriptions of your solutions. For problems related to the normal distribution, feel free to use a z-score table or calculator. You may also try computing in Python with scipy.stats. (Optionally, as a special challenge, compute the answers directly from an integral.)Read more about Probability custom essay.[…]

Lagrange multiplier custom essay.

review calculus 3, try to solve the following two examples: Example 1: solve max (x^1 x^2 )under the condition x^1 +x^2=1 Example 2: solve max( x^1 x^2+x^2 x^3 +x^3 x^1) under the condition X^1+ x^2+x^3=1 Using Lagrange multiplier in calculus 3. write some Definitions and Theories and examples

Formulate linear optimization model/ statistics custom essays.

13-7. Klein Industries manufactures three types of portable air compressors: small, medium, and large, which have unit profits of $20.50, $34.00, and $42.00, respectively. The projected monthly sales are: Small Medium Large Minimum 14,000 6,200 2,600 Maximum 21,000 12,500 4,200 The production process consists of three primary activities: bending and forming, welding, and painting. TheRead more about Formulate linear optimization model/ statistics custom essays.[…]

analysis custom essay.

Using what has been studied throughout the course, write a paper talking about quantitative analysis project. select a business of interest and develop QA best practices that can be developed and implemented to increase profits and/or to decrease costs. Provide three mathematical examples supporting the recommendations. 1. Regression Models, Inventory Control Models, studied 1. SimulationRead more about analysis custom essay.[…]

Topic: Bending moment in a beam: lab report writers custom essay

Lab report layout 1-Contents 2-Introduction 3-Experimental mythology 4-Results 5-Discussion 6-Conclusion 7-Reference   There report should be made mainly based on the calculation, discussion and conclusion because these are the things which they are considered with most of the marks are on those criteria’s   Instructions