Legal Aspects of Business

Question A Potential Liability for Negligent Misstatement According to Christensen, Duncan, and Walsh (2014), liability for negligence arises in cases where a duty of care owed to an individual is breached and a loss incurred or caused to the person as a result of the said breach. While there are various categories of negligence, liabilityRead more about Legal Aspects of Business[…]

Search warrant draft custom essay.

You are Officer Jones. Using the following fact pattern, please: 1) Draft an application/affidavit for a search warrant, search warrant and return for any applicable place, person or motor vehicle. For purposes of the exercise assume the application/affidavit will be presented to me, Judge Barry Moredock, Judge of the District Court of Maryland for ChesapeakeRead more about Search warrant draft custom essay.[…]

Evaluating evidence for practice custom essay.

Analyzing research is an integral part of transitioning evidence to practice. Clinical practice guidelines are recommendations based on current scientific evidence. They are often used in development of clinical practice policy and procedure. Whether evidence comes from individual studies or from clinical practice guidelines sources need to be appraised carefully to ensure accurate and validRead more about Evaluating evidence for practice custom essay.[…]

Eric Gardner Chokehold Case

Eric Gardner Chokehold Case Assignment instructions Read the New York Times articles “Wave of Protests After Grand Jury Doesn’t Indict Officer in Eric Gardner Chokehold Case” In an essay format discuss how the case meets the legal definition of excessive force. Your response should be submitted in an APA format with at least two additionalRead more about Eric Gardner Chokehold Case[…]

Public safety administration and democratic constitutionalism custom essay.

Classifications based on gender are currently “quasisuspect” and are subject to intermediate scrutiny under equal protection analysis. Do you think they should be fully “suspect”? Why or why not? What difference would such a change make in terms of public administration? This question has some opinion, but you must support all of your opinion withRead more about Public safety administration and democratic constitutionalism custom essay.[…]

Race and sentencing custom essay.

What correctional policies can be created from the principles of restorative justice (based on indigenous justice principles)? Are these values more compatible with some offenses than others? More appropriate for some types of offenders than others? Can you explain why juveniles of color have higher rates of contact with the police than white youths? SupportRead more about Race and sentencing custom essay.[…]