Hiring of a compensation manager

Hiring of a compensation manager Employees are a significant and pivotal tool to the success of an organization and its ability to provide worth competition against its competitors both globally and within its operational field. Therefore, efficient management of employees by the organizational leadership towards achieving this goal cannot be ignored. For effective employee motivationRead more about Hiring of a compensation manager[…]


ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY AND HISTORY Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) was born in Moravia, currently under the Czech Republic, to a family of industrialists. He was lucky to grow up in aristocratic surroundings and later head on to the prestigious Theresianum School in Vienna (Hoefle, 2017). During that era, it was obligatory for every Austrian economist to studyRead more about ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY AND HISTORY[…]

Supplier evaluation

Supplier Evaluation Your Supply Chain Manager has assigned you the responsibility of developing a new Supplier Evaluation process for your company. Your company has experienced an unfavorable trend in low productivity as a result of component availability, re-working of product, and increased inventory levels of nonconforming material. Your company cannot seem to effectively measure supplierRead more about Supplier evaluation[…]