case study in otolaryngology custom essay

Case based discussion real patient( case study in otolaryngology)

The objective of this assignment is to improve problemsolving
skills and to have a meaningful discussion with fellow students.
Within the case a situation is described or information is presented which fellow students will have to use to solve the subsequent
problem. A case is not a SOEP.
The case should contain sufficient information to enable making the decisions that are required in the questions, but at the same
time should not contain too much irrelevant information.
It is essential that case and questions form an inseparable unit. One should not be able to answer the question without the
information presented in the case.
For clinical reasoning or improving problemsolving
skills it is very important that questions do not just test knowledge, but that
students need to apply knowledge in order to answer the question or solve the problem.
formulate case study about otolaryngology and at least 2 questions as mentioned above about it .
Additional guidelines
Use information of real patients
Ensure that the description of the information is as clear as
Provide sufficient realistic clinical information
Provide sufficient realistic contextual information
Link the problems directly to the case.
Limit the number of problems to be asked, >2 and <3
Phrase the questions as clearly as possible
You can use diverse question formats ( questions, multiple choice, etc.)
Focus a question on a specific problem (e.g. diagnosis, treatment, diagnostic management, informing patient)
Mr. J (67 years old) sees you in your practice because he has had a sharp pain in his left shoulder for three weeks. The pain is not
related to any movement of the shoulder. It radiates to his back, mainly in the scapular region. He has been a heavy smoker for
almost 45 years. While talking to the patient you notice a dysphonia.
What is the most probable diagnosis for this patient?
A Glottic carcinoma
B Pancoast tumour
C Reinkes edema

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