Case study assignment for : Blackrocks: Craft Brewing – From Hobby To Business: Applying Strategic Management To The Small Firm

Illustrate the interpersonal, technical, decision-making, and conceptual skills needed for effective management.

Instructions Case Study

Read the above case study and prepare the necessary documents as explained below.

You have recently been hired by Blackrocks as a consultant for organizational effectiveness in the company. Your role is to create a team in the organization to address the current situations going on in the company.
Identify the structure and development of your strategic team in a formal report. This report should contain the following:

Introduction: Overview of the Case Study.
Discuss the five stages of team development:
What type of management skills (interpersonal, technical, conceptual, and decision-making) would you use in order to plan and organize your team’s development?
You have two owners, four full-timers, and seven part-time employees. Who would you include in your strategy team and why?
How would you address team dynamics such as communication standards, conflict management, diversity, and empowerment?
What types of technological tools could be used to help team performance?
How would you know if your team was successful, what control measures would you use?
Conclusion: Summary of the discussed concepts.

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